We wanted to meet the growing demand for qualitative research training and set a standard for the moderators and qualitative analytics. We surprisingly noticed that there were none such certification out there in Europe. Time to set a “high quality standard”!

Qualitative research is a science and it is of strong importance to stay updated with today´s freshest and the future´s upcoming trends.

We asked ourselves and our clients what to expect and demand out of a moderator and qualitative consultant and set up a course, which we would have loved to participate in ourselves


Module 1
Overview and design of a qualitative project
Module 2
Moderation including projective techniques
Module 3
Analysis and effective reporting, including business issues vs. research issues, and Digital

We believe that moderating and interviewing skills are based on a science and executed as an art. The course is based on our own extensive experience both theoretical and practical in the qualitative research business.

A Swedish Moderator course does not solely benefit researchers, research buyers and moderators, it is also perfect for students who wants a carrier within qualitative research.

Understanding moderating methodology and techniques also allows clients to better choose more productive moderators to conduct the fullest research for their needs.

We also are available to specifically design a course for a client's needs at a chosen location.